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At Advanced Skincare & Wellness we are passionate about skin care.  There are so many ‘miracle’ creams on the market, all claiming to offer the impossible.  We struggled as professionals to find a range that we truly believed in. We wanted a range that really does provide clients with the results that they expected from their treatments and products.  Through extensive research the we are proud to be using several ranges of skincare products and treatments that yield the best results on the market today.

Do You Know The Difference Between Over The Counter and Cosmeceutical Grade Skin Care Products?                                                                       

Over the counter (OTC) is any skin care product that can be purchased at a store or online without supervision.  OTC’s products do NOT have the same amount of active ingredients that cosmeceuticals have.   They are NOT allowed to under law.   Cosmeceuticals are pharmaceutical grade products that are only available through licensed skincare professional!  Cosmeceuticals contain a much higher amount of active ingredients than you could purchase OTC and they penetrate much deeper into the skin.


Why are active ingredients important? These are the ingredients that MAKE a change in the skin. Some of the conditions or concerns that most consumers are trying to correct: Hyperpigmentation, Melasma, Acne, Fine lines & Wrinkles, Hydration, Sun Spots ext.


OTC products ONLY work with the outer most layer of the skin.  By law they cannot penetrate nor correct. So when you use OTC products you are applying the product and it just sits on the surface of the skin. It will not penetrate any deeper!   Bummer RIGHT!   I know. Think of all the money spent over the years on products that just work on the surface.  OTC products have so many fillers, parabens, dyes, fragrance ext and they are most likely watered down.


One the BIGGEST reasons consumers purchase OTC products are because they think they cannot afford medical grade cosmeceuticals. This is not true. Most OTC products you get from the drug store, department stores, independent cosmetic sales consultants or even a mall kiosk are often the same price or more expensive. You end up using more of the product and replacing it sooner which means more $$$$ all for products that regardless of what you pay do nothing except give the appearance of working.


Medical Grade Cosmeceuticals are acutally more affordable because they have a much higher concentration of pharmaceutical ingredients, they last longer because you do not use as much, and don’t pay for  T.V. infomercials, packaging, perfume or big advertising campaigns.

So does this mean OTC products do not work? If you have never used a skin care regime before… maybe but only with a minimal result as again under law OTC cannot penetrate nor correct a skin condition.   They will only work superficially. And this is where you end up with multiple skin care products that you get tired of because they do not work and you throw them in a drawer or trash can.   Again waste of $$$$.


Whether you want to combat the signs of aging, resolve problematic skin issues or simply maintain healthy skin, we can recommend a skin care products that will meet all of your needs.