We are a refuge, where you are treated with complete and personal attention to your individual skin challenges, lifestyle and long term-priorities.


Environ Active Vitamin Facial Reg. $145 Now $95
Signature Skin Renewal Treatments Reg $200 Now $150

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Northborough Advanced Skincare SpecialsEnjoy your visit!


Signature Treatments

Signature Treatments

At Advanced Skincare & Wellness, we believe that every facial should be unique and tailored to each client’s individual skin needs. No two women are alike nor should your face be treated in the same way.


A good clinical facial actually takes into account the specific (and varying) needs of every inch of the face. It is customized to treat whatever ails you, including clogged pores, breakouts, an uneven skin tone, and fine lines. I will listen to all of your concerns and develop the perfect plan for your skin and lifestyle. My skincare room is quite affordable, which goes a long way in making professional skincare a regular part of your routine.

Our Signature Facials is NOT a standard facial, but a customized facial treatment using several facial devices in a single treatment. Essentially a multi-step procedure tailored to solve 4 main skin problems: acne, pigmentation, aging and sun damage (4 problems in 1 solution).


They are a unique combination of our popular anti-aging facial treatments and protocols for excellent skin rejuvenation all wrapped into one hybrid treatment. All of this for the fraction of the cost, we believe every woman should be able to afford these services and this is why we do not charge you for each modality we use, like other skincare offices.


Signature Anti-Aging

Our Signature Facial is the ultimate anti-aging treatment and is our most popular facial for clients ages 25 and up because it maintains good skin quality and provides anti-aging benefits. Anti-aging facials use products and techniques designed to slow the aging process, brighten skin and reduce wrinkles. The key to preventing wrinkles is to start early and receive monthly treatments.


You’ve probably heard the old expression: “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”                                                                                            When it comes to skincare, that advice rings especially true!


That’s why investing in your skin is essential. $150 to $175    (You would pay $275 0r more anywhere else)


Signature Precision Lift

Our Signature Precision Lift is targeted to clients with early aging changes, jowling, and mild neck and face laxity, which typically starts to show up between the ages of the 30s to 50s. In addition to contouring the jawline and neckline, our exclusive Precision Lift includes collagen induction therapies ( micro-needling or Dermatude) to minimize fine line and wrinkles. If your goal is a more youthful complexion, this facial uses a variety of anti-aging treatments ranging from vitamin-infused serums to light therapy and radiofrequency.


Preventative facials are your best defense against premature aging skin by preventing toxic build-up, dehydration and collagen breakdown.


Monthly facial treatments are a must, not only prevent aging but destroy bacteria to prevent acne blemishes. If you can’t spring for monthly, try going four times a year to sync up with the seasons. Maybe purchase in a series at a discounted price.                                                                    Individual price $200 to $275 (The cost for this treatment starts around $450 at other spas )

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